A Travel Writer, In Real Life

Traveling to far away lands, staying in nice suites on ships and in hotels, experiencing the euphoria of seeing new things and being committed to document those experiences — a travel writer's life does indeed sound glamorous. On the flip side, I'm divorced, see my kids less than I would like, and I have to work extra hard to keep up a network of close friends. Still, I couldn't imagine being more fulfilled than living the life I am living. Take a look into the life of a travel writer — warts and all — Moving Is Living: A Life Spent Avidly Traveling


Living In The Larger World

You may be able to answer emphatically when someone asks you where your home is. I can't. Splitting my life between hotels and cruise ships, the concept of home — as well as the idea of family and belonging — takes on new meaning. Home is where the heart is? I joke that "Home is where the Hilton is." One benefit of the hotel lifestyle: points. See Sleeping In London At $400+ Per Night — For Free

The Art of Travel

There are tricks to travel — or at least tricks to making travel more effective and comfortable. "The Art of Travel" is designed to be a place where travelers can discuss how to make travel experiences the richest that they can be. Travel Tips: The Art Of Travel